August 5th, 2011 Meeting

Today we had the pleasure of learning about the history of the Rotary Club of North Suffolk, presented by Hinton Hurff, founding member and second president of the club. Hinton provided his transcript, which will be posted in the history section of the website shortly .

Shrimp Feast

We are in the process of organizing this years shrimp feast. A preliminary date of September 18., 2011 from 1 – 6pm has been set, but we are waiting for confirmation that the club house will be available. Please check back for a signup form in the next few days (a reminder will be emailed).

Service Project

We have proposals for 3 service projects. A signup form and more detail will be posted here shortly (email reminder will follow). Here are the basics:

  1. Build a playground
  2. Build a dugout
  3. Teach English as a second language – “Spechen Sie Englisch?”, “Habla Inglés?”,  “Parlez-vous anglais?”, 說英語嗎?