Caroline Martin Will Be Honored as “Suffolk’s First Citizen”

Caroline Martin, a member of our club,  will be honored as “Suffolk’s First Citizen” at a reception on Thursday April 19th 2012 at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts.
We are privileged that Caroline is a member of our club. Tickets for this event are $30 each. In order that this auspicious occasion will be enthusiastically supported and will be a great success, it has been decided that each member of our club will be billed for two tickets each. We trust that this will meet with your approval.

In addition, the two Rotary Clubs will be requesting sponsorship for this event.

Please find below, a Sponsorship Request Letter and Sponsorship Form/Invoice which we hope will be generously supported by members of our club.


Download Sponsor Request Letter For First Citizen Form Download Rotary First Citizen Sponsor Form and Invoice Form