District Governor Walter “Cap” Neilson

20120803-083235.jpgToday we has the pleasure of District Governor Walter “Chip” Neilson as our guest and speaker. Governor Chip spoke to us about the district conference in Wintergreen and encouraged us all to bring the family.

This year the Rotary Club on Richmond will have it’s 100 anniversary. In celebration the district will purchase a large bell with the Richmond club engraved on it. The bell will rotate to Norfolk the following year for its 100 anniversary and move in to every club celebrating 100. North Suffolk Rotary should expect the bell in about 64 years.

Next Governor Chip talked about the meaning and mission of Rotary and the focus on membership Rotary International has taken on this year. The primary problem most clubs have is not recruiting but retaining members. Rotary USA looses about 30 thousand members per year. Internationally Rotary is gaining about 30 thousand members.

Rotary has taken on many missions and over the years including the eradication of Polio, healing harts, access to clean water in developing countries and many more though the Rotary foundation.

Now the district is focusing on educating the public about Rotary. We saw the latest public relations commercial for Rotary International. The district is planning a media campaign including FaceBook and Twitter. The campaign will start in early 2013.

Question: If Rotary would no longer exist, would the world notice?

We reviewed some of the many local community project the club has been involved in and has supported.

Story time: “You may now board your flight”