July 15th, 2011 Meeting

Today we had the pleasure of District Governor Jim Bynum as out guest speaker and it was quite a show. He is not only our new district governor but also an actor and hence a wonderful entertainer. Jim spoke to us about the goals of Rotary and the district for the coming year and outlined the acronyms associated with these goals. He was not able to do all of it by himself and had to enlist some very talented and handsome audience members to do some of the heavy lifting as you can see in the pictures below. Jim talked about the following:


A: Assist the clubs
C: Commit to humanitarian service – do more for the community
T: Talk about Rotary


O: Orientate / Educate others about Rotary
N: Nominate somebody for Rotary, a neighbor, student, friend
E: Extend Rotary to everybody interested in service


Together We are Outstanding – attendance, benefactors,


Tell it and Tell it Again – tell others the story of Rotary

Thank you to Bill Billings for introducing Jim to our club. Bill also provided us with most of the pictures you see here. Thank you for your help.

Last but not least we had the pleasure of honoring Brenda Gillihan and Richard Turner as new Bequest Society Members.

We had two stories to close the meeting, neither one I heard, so please fill us in if you remember.

Picture Gallery

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