July 22, 2011 Meeting

Today we had the pleasure of having Benjamin King as our guest speaker. Mr. King is an accomplished author and historian. He gave us some great insights about the Lincoln assassination and John Wilkes Booth as well as Dr. Samuel Mudd who went to jail for lying about knowing or having met Booth. Which goes to show, if you are innocent it’s not a good idea to lie it!

We also learned about the term “Mad as a Hatter”. Hat makers during the 18oo’s were often using mercury as part of their craft. The effects of extended exposure to mercury on a persons brain will literally make them mad.

Here are some of the books written by Bejamin King:

Bob Moore delighted us with a story about Neil Armstrong’s good luck wish to Mr. Gorsky after walking on the moon. Mr. Gorsky was to enjoy certain pleasures from his wive once Neil, who lived next door as a kid, had accomplished walking on the moon. Read more are Wikipedia or send an email to Bob.