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 History Matters: Enlighten, lest we perpetuate process, not purpose.
Another perspective on the life of Paul Harris*


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Featuring RGHF’s Senior (published) Historians*

The “Rotary Room” at the home of Paul and Jean Harris


RGHF Senior Historian DG 02/03 Fred A. Carvin

DG 02/03 Fred A. Carvin, author of “Paul Harris and the Birth of Rotary.”

“The invisible force of Rotary is love of men for their fellow men, free from the restraints of formality; free from religious, racial and political prejudices. The love of men for their fellow men is the breath of life of Rotary.”

Salute to the Rotarians of 2043 – taped November 11, 1943

The sentiments expressed by Paul Harris above appear to be fairly straight forward and should need little by the way of explanation. If it wasn’t for the love we have for our fellow human beings, would Rotarians be capable of accomplishing the wonderful things we do? Love is at the core and is the very essences of our existence. And this observation is true and undeniable.




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