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PDG Eddie Blender, RGHF Founding member and OFN Publisher

PDG Eddie Blender, RGHF Founding member and OFN Publisher

Dear Colleagues:

It’s 26 years since the 79th RI Convention in Philadelphia, PA USA (May 1988) when then RI President Charles C. Keller announced that Rotarians raised $247 Million dollars for their rallying and initial PolioPlus fund raiser.   The goal was $120 million.  Keller’s theme that year was “Rotarians — United in Service- Dedicated to Peace”.

At the June 2012 convention in Bangkok President Sukuji Tanaka gave us a similar rallying cry (Peace Through Service) and Rotarians today are still diligently and steadfastly working towards eradicating polio.
With Rotary’s dedicated involvement the world is very close to eradicating Polio.

Thousands of Rotarians are/were involved in leadership roles in the Polio Eradication Campaign, but just one Rotarian, Dr. Robert S. Scott, has consistently commanded leadership positions over the past 27 years.
In this issue (#148) we review the Polio story while honoring its steadfast leader and supporter, Dr. Robert S. Scott.

In all of his leadership roles, Bob’s voice was the one that was constant and consistent.

Be sure to read pp 24 to 27 where Bob shares his thoughts as he retires from his leadership roles and leaves his office.

Enjoy this wonderful story and pass this issue #148 forward.

With appreciation,
Eddie Blender Publisher,
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