Spirit of 7600 October 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 3.49.45 PMMy Fellow Rotarians,I would like to share RI President Ron Burton’s message onVocational Service.

“In Rotary, October is the month we set aside to remind ourselvesof our second Avenue of Service: Vocational Service. Whilesome Rotarians call this the “forgotten” area of service, I would disagree. In fact,vocational service is the avenue through which we serve so often, yet we don’t alwaysrecognize it as service.

Vocational service has its roots in the second object of Rotary, which encourages allRotarians to hold high ethical standards in our business affairs and our professions, torecognize all useful occupations as worthy of respect, and to dignify work as anopportunity to serve society.

In short, the idea of vocational service is that our jobs, in themselves, are a way ofserving society. Whether we are serving customers, teaching students, or treatingpatients, whether we’re involved in commerce, research, the media, or any one ofcountless other fields – we take pride in doing our work with competence andintegrity. Every occupation fills a need, and by doing our work well, we arecontributing to our communities and our society.

The role of vocational service in the club is important, even if it isn’t alwaysprominent. By maintaining high standards individually, we earn a reputation that weshare collectively. By valuing all occupations equally and by maintaining aclassification system in our clubs, we ensure that our clubs reflect our communities –and can serve them well. A Rotary club of all lawyers wouldn’t be capable of nearly asmuch as one that also had teachers, engineers, business owners, and dentists; inRotary, our diversity is our strength. That diversity is an advantage not only to ourservice but to our members. It gives us all a valuable way to find the connections andopportunities that help us in our own careers.

That aspect of membership is as old as Rotary. Paul Harris himself wrote often of thebusiness advantages of Rotary membership, believing, as I do, that being a Rotarianmeans a person holds a certain set of values that will make him or her a good person todo business with. Today, with the world more connected than ever, Rotarymembership is an honor that we should be proud to share.”

DG Chuck

Highlights of the District 7600 Conference 2013

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 NewsletterThe Rotary Club of City Center Newport News sponsored the StopHunger Now event at the District 7600 conference. Rotary club members preparedfor the event by setting up the assembly tables, loading and unloading pallets offood, and preparing the stations so that volunteers could package the items to bedistributed to hungry families. Over 50 Rotarians worked to package 10,000 meals.The meals will be shipped to an area that is in need of good, nutritious meals.

“All in all, it was a great day,” said District Governor Chuck. “Rotarians always seem ready to jump in and help out someone whether it involves working to put on a great conference, or working to feed the hungry.”

Pictured from left to right: Nancy Sprouse, Rusty Sprouse, Davetta Rhinehart, Judi Hines, Kevin Lyles and Elle Abney.

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 NewsletterMechanicsville Becomes Fourth Triple Crown Club PDG and Committee Chair Karlis Graubics has announced that theRotary Club of Mechanicsville has become the district’s fourth”Triple Crown Club”. To become a Triple Crown Club, 100% ofthe members must be Sustaining Members of the Rotary Foundation,Paul Harris Fellows and Benefactors. “This has been a long time incoming and a lot of people had to do a lot of work to make thishappen,” said Graubics. “It is the culmination of three year’s work,but the members of the Mechanicsville club believed in the causeand had faith that it could happen,” he continued.

According to Rotary International, there are only 21 clubs in the world that meet this requirement. Four of themare located in District 7600. The Rotary Club of Princess Anne at Town Center was the first club in the districtto achieve this distinction. It was followed by the Rotary Club of Hanover and the Rotary Club of JamesRiver. The award was presented by Immediate Past District Governor Cap Neilson during the Conference.

22 Clubs recognized for positive Membership Growth–One of the highlights of the conference was the recognition of 22 clubs which had positive membership growth (i.e., net gain) for the 2012-13 Rotary year. Additionally, six clubs were cited as Premier Clubs for having met the criteria to strengthen their club’s recruitment and retention through use of the Ignite Program. Awarded the Premier Club designation were Northside Norfolk, Fluvanna County, Colonial Heights, Princess Anne, Huguenot Trail and Prince George.

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 NewsletterPDG Jim Pierce Receives Citation for Meritorious Service James Russell (Jim) Pierce, RC of the Virginia Peninsula, was awarded TheCitation for Meritorious Service for his work with The Rotary Foundation.The Citation for Meritorious Service is provided to only one Rotarian ineach District per year for exemplary and significant service to The RotaryFoundation. This award may be received only once and less than 200Rotarians are honored each year.

Jim has served his club and district in various positions and roles. Heserved as Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator for Zone 33during the 2010-2013 Rotary years. He serves the district as Major Gifts Chair and is serving as FoundationChair of his club. He has also represented his club on international grant projects to Costa Rica.

Jim has been a strong supporter of the Rotary Foundation and has presented on the subject before district andzone gatherings throughout the Eastern Seaboard. He is currently serving as Million Dollar Dinner coordinatorfor District 7600.

Club News

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 NewsletterDistrict Grant Award for the Rotary Club of New Kent

Rotary District 7600 announced that it has awarded a$5,000 grant to the Rotary Club of New Kent to helppurchase a brand new Yamaha Baby Grand Piano for theNew Kent High School Music and Performing ArtsDepartments. Grants Chairman Bill Liepis said; “We arepleased to be able to assist the Rotary Club of New Kent inthis community effort.” The grant was supplemented with$500 from the Rotary Club of New Kent, $5,000 from theSchool Board, $3,000 from the New Kent EducationFoundation and the High School gave the final $600.

Rotary Club of Oyster Point Event…..

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 Newsletter1st Annual Oyster Bash
Friday, November 1, 2013
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Tickets – $50 in advance
Mariner’s Museum, Newport News Virginia

Event will feature live music, beer and wine and of course fresh oysters along with other menu items. Please help our Rotary Club change lives….one oyster at a time!

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 NewsletterHenrico East Rotary partners with Henrico East Business Association to provide calculators for the Fairfield Middle School math classes.

Attendance Highlights…..


1. Henrico North 100.00%
2. Lunenburg 97.23%
3. The Historic Triangle 94.90%
4. Petersburg Breakfast 93.08%
5. James River (Richmond) 93.06%
6. South Richmond 92.70%
7. Bon Air 92.45%
8. Powhatan 92.00%
9. Goochland County 90.55%
10. Chester 90.24%

Yorktown Rotary Club has moved. Our former location for decades (Bill’s Seafood House) closed suddenly. Our new location is: The Riverwalk Restaurant, which is on the waterfront in old Yorktown, 323 Water Street A-1, Yorktown, VA 23690.


The Rotary Club of New Kent presented Freedom Flags to Sheriff Wakie Howard, and to Fire Chief Rick Opett. A Freedom Flag was also presented to Charles Adams, Vice-President of the Providence Forge Volunteer Rescue Squad. The flag has been adopted by the Virginia General Assembly as the official flag commemorating the September 11, 2001 attacks. The center stripes represent the World Trade Center, and the 5 sided design represents the Pentagon. Other stripes honor those who died on that day, including the first responders, the passengers who brought down the plane in Pennsylvania, and those in the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 Newsletter

Picture One Right to left: New Kent Sheriff Wakie Howard, Rotary Member Stran Trout, Rotary Club of New Kent President Jackie
Smith and New Kent Fire Chief Rick Opett.
Picture Two Right to left: Rotary Member Stran Trout, Providence Forge Volunteer Rescue Squad Vice-President Charles Adams.

The Rotary Club of Newport News received a $5000 grant to support their Access to CareerEducation (ACE) Scholarship from Rotary District 7600. Past DistrictGovernor Walter “Cap” Neilson presented the check to the club onbehalf of the District. Accepting the check is Club President SharynFox, ACE committee chair Michael Shapiro, Club member Mayi Henriquez and ACE recipient Sabina O’ Halloran

The Club established the Scholarship program in 2012 when theyrecognized that working adults who were not below the poverty linehad no ability to qualify for educational assistance to upgrade theirlivelihoods. Working with the Peninsula Council for WorkforceDevelopment, in their first year the club funded $15,000 for the program, and awarded seven individualseducational assistance towards certificates in welding, weather proofing, nursing assistant, and other programswhich will enable them to get better jobs at higher wages, at Thomas Nelson Community College. The club’sgoal is to expand the program by over 50% in 2013.

District Grants Awarded

Effective July 1, 2013 The Rotary Foundation implemented the new Rotary Grants (previously known as FutureVision) that focus primarily on three grant types—district, global, and packaged. District grants fund smaller,short-term activities that address needs in both the local community and communities worldwide. Nineteendistrict grants totaling $87,905 have been awarded to clubs in District 7600 for the 2013-14 Rotary year. Someof the grant projects involve multiple clubs. The average grant size was $4,627.

Some of the projects being supported by the district grants include: rehab at a community woman and child shelter, provide costs for needy children, rehab at a community rec center for youth and special needs children, purchase new shoes for needy children, rehab and equip a kitchen providing meals for at-risk children, equine assisted therapeutic activities for disabled individuals, support a community free dental clinic, rehab and purchase equipment for a classroom for special needs third to fifth graders, install benches and a gazebo for a community trail, tech training for underemployed/displaced individuals, provide bikes and nutritional education to at-risk children, rehab of a local tri-community boys/girls club, construct a walkway/bridge for a local park, expansion of a community non-profit food closet, and others.


67,000 Rotarians being asked to feed a child on Valentine’s Day 2014

Rotary International Vice President Anne L. Matthews from Columbia, South Carolina USA, is an educator by profession, and cares deeply about our children, especially those who are hungry, and she is asking all clubs and districts in Zones 33 and 34 to do something to help.

Anne has set Valentine’s Day 2014 as the one day on which each of the 1,579 clubs in the zones (representing 67,000 Rotarians) is being asked to engage in a hunger project to change lives.

Each club may decide for itself how it wants to participate. It could be something as simple as donating money to an established hunger program (such as Feeding America) to something as complex as organizing a full-fledged meal event as a club service project.

The focus will be on children but, as director Anne has said, if other hungry people are fed, all the better.

“Our children are our future! I have a deep passion for children who subsist from day to day because they are hungry. Children cannot learn when their little stomachs are empty. Rotarians need and can do something about this,” Anne said. “There is plenty of food to go around, and NO ONE should go hungry. I am asking Rotarians to give one day’s attention, Valentine’s Day 2014, to this critical need in our communities in Zones 33 and 34.”

While this is first and foremost an effort to feed children, it is also a chance for us to show thousands of communities throughout our zones what Rotarians can do when we ENGAGE ROTARY CHANGE LIVES. We have put together a flyer that provides details about the project and offers ideas clubs can use both to feed hungry children and to maximize public exposure for your Rotary club.

We are not doing this to brag, but to help the public better understand what Rotary is and what Rotarians do to make their communities better. It is our hope that clubs will use this effort to develop their membership, and to promote giving to our Rotary Foundation.

Anne believes that if we unite on this single day with a single focus we will not only ENGAGE ROTARY CHANGE LIVES but will also capture the attention of so many people who are willing to support our causes and want to become one of us. We expect some of our clubs will join together to organize a community wide effort, while others will participate in a less demanding although just as important way. Whatever way your club chooses to participate, we hope you will bear the Rotary banner proudly and tell your story boldly.

After all, Rotary has heart and there is no better day to show this collectively than on Valentine’s Day.

Spirit of 7600 October 2013 NewsletterPDG Ted Kirby recognized at Zone Institute

PDG Ted Kirby of the Bon Air club (and Honorary member of the James River Club) with Rotary International General Secretary John Hewko at the Zones 33-34 Zone Institute in Boca Raton. Ted was recognized by Rotary International President-Elect Gary Huang during his talk at the event. It was 49 years ago that Ted was District Governor starting his term July 1, 1964. And Ted is still a very active Rotarian both in his clubs and the district…..now that is a record!!!! Way to go Ted!