What Paul Harris Said and RGHF History Day #230

43What Paul Harris Said
RGHF History Day

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One group is for Rotary’s Global History at  http://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/node/63166 and the other for our RGHF History Library at http://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/node/63196. The RGHF  History Library is found at www.historylibrary.org.
What Paul Harris Said, a feature of RGHF since December 2001.
Paul P. Harris

Paul P. Harris, Founder of Rotary 23 February 1905

“Since the beginning, men have been struggling upwards. The world’s progress sometimes seems wondrous slow, but if slow, it is nevertheless sure. Little by little, men have prepared themselves for better conceptions of life.” Letter to the Rotarians at the Houston Convention of 1914.

Rotary Global History FellowshipLearn more about what made Rotary great. Continue the world’s progress by studying what Rotary did in it’s first fifty years at www.historytour.org.
What Paul Harris Said, is our longest running feature, started in December of 2001. His writings are timeless and speak to Rotary leaders and visitors at www.whatpaulharriswrote.org .
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History Day

History Day at RGHF, honoring the First 100 Clubs of Rotary

Houston http://www.rotaryfirst100.org/clubs/cities/clubs/53houston.htm

The Rotary Club of Houston was founded in August of 1912 soon after newspaper executive Robert Cornell returned from an advertising convention in Dallas where he had met a member of the newly formed Minneapolis Rotary Club.  The Club’s official charter was 1 November of 1912, as shown in this duplicate charter issued in August of 1931, but signed by then president Glenn C. Mead.  (Houston was RGHF’s first Rotary History Day issue, in May 2009. The first 100 club tributes will continue until 2018.)


http://www.rotaryfirst100.org/clubs/cities/clubs/54siouxcity.htm  In 1914, at the Rotary International convention in Houston, the Sioux City delegation proposed a code of ethics, which was adopted, and later became the basis for the famous Rotary “Four-Way Test.” At the same convention, Club 54 introduced the “Iowa Corn Song” to the world.